@gMUGI-CHA (barley tea)h

A raw material of gMUGI-CHAh is BARLEY.
Barley tea is made by roasting barley just like a manufacturing process of coffee.
Our gMUGI-CHAh(barley tea) is made from 100% barley produced in Japan.

MUGI-CHA (Barley Tea) has no caffeine and no calorie.
Thatfs why barley tea is known well by many Japanese people as a very safe drink.
In Japan, barley tea is very familiar and popular for all ages from babies to old people.
Especially, barley tea is prefer to pregnant women because of its safety.

Sanei Kosan Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing barley tea about 60 years since 1965.
Our barley tea is manufactured in our own factory which is certified by the HACCP association.
So, we recommend in confidence the quality of our products.
We always make further efforts to improve our products and services.

You can feel roasted aroma and flavor like coffee if drinking.
Many Japanese people love barley tea so much for a long time.

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