Business description

We have a dream …
“Our delicious MUGI-CHA (barley tea) makes many people happy
all over the world some day!”

Sanei Kosan Co., Ltd. started its business as a barley roasting factory in 1965.
Besides our flagship product, barley tea, we also offer Genmai-cha (roasted brown rice), herbal tea products, oolong tea products, and so on.
With our products, we support your healthy life. We always make further efforts to improve our products and services.

SAGA Prefecture is a major barley producing area in JAPAN. We are making a "delicious barley tea" using the barley of SAGA Prefecture.

The company can continue to the work, thanks to everybody.
We will continue to,
・Do our best in all employees.
・Try to improve the roasting technology.
・Create more delicious safe products.
 Company Profile
Company name Sanei Kosan Co., Ltd.
Address 2635-1 Ouchi Ouchi Town Karatsu City Saga Pref. 849-3201 JAPAN
TEL:+81-955-62-2824 FAX:+81-955-62-2825
Established 8/April/1965
Capital 20 million yen
President Tetsuya Ogata
Products Barley tea, Genmai-cha (roasted brown rice), Herbal tea, Oolong tea, etc.
 Company History
1965 Established our company in Saga, Japan
Founder:Tetsuo Ogata
Started products of barley tea (tea bag)
1985 Started production of healthy tea such as “Dokudami-Herb”
1987 Inauguration of President:Shigetoshi Ogata
1988 New roasting machine (hot air type) started operation
New factory started production
New tea bag machine started producing products
1995 New roasting machine (hot air type) started operation
2002 Started production of “Barley tea of Saga, JAPAN”
2004 Started operating a new warehouse
2006 Installed metal detector and weight checker on all production lines
2009 Raw material warehouse expansion
2012 Started exporting “MUGI-CHA” barley tea
2014 Inauguration of President:Tetsuya Ogata
2015 Raw material warehouse expansion
2017 HACCP certification:Manufacture of barley tea (tea bag)

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